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Why I use Linux

·3 mins

I have used Linux for a while, and in that time I have had a lot of people ask me the fairly valid question of why. Well why do I use Linux? Well the answer throughout my time with it has probably changed a bit but I think what has kept me on Linux for so long is one simple thing. How it feels, let me explain.

My very first experiences on Linux were very defined by the DE I used, XFCE. I first used XFCE because I first installed Linux on a very weak computer, but I continued using it as I very much liked the customization. Coming from Windows the idea of themes and the ability to change icons were mind blowing and very impressive. Sure there are ways to do that stuff on Windows but I had never figured it out as it is nowhere near as easy. For a long time customization was really what made me love Linux, it made using the computer feel much more fun.

Later I ended up installing Gentoo and had a very interesting experience. While I am no longer on Gentoo as I don’t feel it is worth the effort for how I use a PC, I felt I ended up learning a lot about Linux and it was a really good exercise in putting in effort and getting a result. My experience on Gentoo probably taught me the most I had ever learned about the inner workings of my OS. It was very eye opening and nice to learn so much about my OS, something that I had never really even came close to on Windows.

Now my Linux set up is much more simple, in terms of distros I have settled down on Fedora, and in terms of DE I have decided on GNOME. Though despite the temptations of Windows for games and programs my main PC still runs Linux. So why I am I still using Linux even after calming down from customizing and experimenting? Well it is mostly down to a feeling of comfort I think. On Linux I feel I easily have the control to do what I want, even if I don’t need that control. Having that control is very nice when you do want it though. I also simply think Linux feels more fun still after all my time of using it. I would not say Linux is as convenient as Windows but for me it definitely makes me more happy to use the vast majority of the time, and honestly that is what is important to me, being happy while I go through my day.